Ground Breaking For New Public School
"As a life-long Lincolnite I have a great love for my city and community.  I have a proven track record of doing what is best for my city by crossing party lines when necessary and working to achieve consensus instead of conflict. As your City Council Member I will continue to do what is best for the taxpayers and the community."
My Priorities as Your Councilman
Public Safety

Lincoln is a safe community to raise a family, live, and work. Keeping the people of Lincoln is a top priority that can only be accomplished by ensuring that our police and firefighters have the resources they need.

Responsible Growth

It is important for our community to continue to grow and prosper.  I will continue to support projects that will attract and retain workers and build a strong economy without needlessly spending taxpayer money or increasing taxes.

Improved Roads and Infrastructure

We need to continue to make sure our roads meet the needs of our community to provide the infrastructure necessary for the safety of our citizens.

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